Oriental College of Education is affiliated to University of Mumbai. The institute has been conducted Essay Test, Content Test, Class Test which is a part of internal assessment of each Semester.

  • Essay Test has been conducted in each Semester of each subject and method.
  • Content Test has been taken in the 1st semester of each method. In the content test the questions are asked on the subject of Secondary Level.
  • Class test has been conducted in I st and II nd Semester for the practice of in I st and II nd Semester Examination. It also a part of Internal Assessment.

University Examination Question Papers 2013-14


I. Philosophical Foundations of Education

II. Psychology of the Learner

III. Educational Evaluation

IV. Special Method I 

V. Special Method II


VIII. Sociological Foundations of Education

IX. Psychology of Learning

X. Educational Management

XI. ICT in Education

XII. Special Fields